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Celebrate Your Dancer! Recital Program Ads

We have a great opportunity for you to acknowledge your dancer's achievements in our 2017 recital program with a Dancer Acknowledgement. We have 3 size options. -- option 1: 1/4 of page $27.00 -- option 2: 1/2 of page $49.00 -- option 3: 1 full page $95.00 These can be purchased by an individual, family, or business. Your acknowledgment will include the following: -- a photograph provided by our studio photographer chosen by Jenna -- a note to dancer(s) -- business card or logo ** EXCITING OPPORTUNITY!! Whoever sells the most ads in monetary value wins a free full page ad or a free summer intensive (this does not include princess or fairy camp)!

Complete the flyer and return to 7DC. ADS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN APRIL 22, 2017.

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