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Unlock. Inspire. Create.

We believe dance is an open book of expression from the soul. We offer a premier creative environment for aspiring and accomplished dancers to find themselves and their personal strengths.


We’ve earned numerous awards and recognitions, but first and foremost our priority is to identify and enhance our dancers’ unique strengths. This enables us to create a true love for the art of dance in our dancers and ignite a desire to do more, in and out of the studio.


Balancing self-expression with the art, discipline and technique of dance, we help students find their voice, passions and confidence.

Meet The Team
Dance Instructor Choreographer
Jenna Oldham

Founder & Artistic Director

Dance Instructor
Dance Instructor
Liz Blakemore


Bold. Brave. 
7DC Company.


Ready to take dance to the next level?

Our 7DC Company is for you.

Transform dance into your canvas as you become the artist.

Master several genres of dance and take your artistry to competition.

Watch your skill level take off through multiple weekly classes.

Grow strong and become an athletic performer on stage.


"This is our first year with 7 Dance Centre, but our daughter has been taking dance for the past 5 years. We have been very excited to start with the studio, and after her first class, our daughter came straight home and sat my husband and me down to do dance routines for us. She was THAT excited! We can see her enthusiasm for dance growing, and we are very thankful and looking forward to what she will learn."

Traci Philips

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