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Let's Dance! 2020-2021 Registration Info

We're very excited to share our Fall 2020 schedule!

Classes will start Monday, August 31. In the event that we are unable to open the studio on August 31 (or if we have to close at any point during the season), we will transition our full schedule to virtual classes that will be held via Zoom. Also, please know that this schedule may be subject to change based on enrollment.

Download the Fall schedule here: 7 Dance Centre 2020-2021 Schedule

COVID-19 Procedures In order to open our doors, we have had to make changes to our policies, procedures and schedule. We feel these changes are in the best interest of our dancers and staff, and safety is our top priority for the season. - All classes will now be 45 minutes long to allow time for staff to clean the studio rooms between each class.

- We will also limit the number of students per class to 10 in order to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet apart at all times.

- Classes will be divided by age, minimizing the number of dancers who are exposed to one another.

- We have placed squares on the floor in both studios, and dancers will be assigned a square before the season starts. Dancers will stay in their square throughout class to help maintain physical distancing.

A more detailed overview of our procedures can be found here: 7 Dance Centre COVID-19 Procedures

We are also asking each dancer and family to sign a waiver to be handed in on the first day of classes. Dancers will NOT be allowed to enter the studio unless we have a printed and signed copy of the waiver. Access the waiver here: 7 Dance Centre COVID-19 Waiver

Virtual Option For those who are not ready to return to in-person classes, we will offer a virtual option for each class on our schedule (excluding Company classes). These classes will be offered via Zoom, and will happen at the same time as our in-person classes. There will be a discount for those dancers who are registered for ONLY virtual classes.

2020-2021 Tuition Our new tuition breakdown will be as follows, and will be charged monthly as in the past: Number of Classes - Cost (Zoom Cost) 1 class - $55 ($45) 2 classes - $100 ($90) 3 classes- $135 ($125) 4 classes - $160 ($150) 5 classes - $185 ($175) 6 classes - $210 ($200) 7 classes - $235 ($225) 8 classes - $260 ($250)

We're doing our best to open our studio while keeping our dancers safe. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We miss you, and cannot wait to dance with you again soon!

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