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2017 Recital Tickets: How It Works

This year, we're making tickets available for Spring Recitals. Each 7DC family received two emails to expedite the ticket purchasing process: one containing a Priority Code and another containing a Coupon Code. What are they?

Priority Code: This allows you to purchase tickets before the general public.

Coupon Code: This code gets you your 2 free tickets and is good for ONE TIME USE ONLY.

How does this all work?

1. Use the link in the email with your Priority Code to go to the ticketing site

2. Select the show you want to purchase tickets for (check the schedules!)

3. Enter your Priority Code -- It is case sensitive, so please enter carefully

4. Once you enter the Priority Code, you will be allowed to select up to 6 tickets

5. Add the tickets to your cart

6. Click Buy Selected Seats to continue to checkout

7. Enter your 4-digit Coupon Code (also case sensitive) in the first box under the Walt Disney Donation. This code will discount your tickets by the cost of 2 tickets

8. Enter the remaining details to process your order Once you review and confirm your order, you will be presented with a receipt. There is a green clickable link to download and print your tickets. Be sure to print your tickets prior to show time. 7 Dance Centre has assigned a winning seat for each show who will win a prize! You must print your tickets to see if you have won the Golden Ticket! Sales will open to the general public on April 28. The priority code will no longer be necessary and the 6 ticket limit will be removed on this day as well. You may purchase any additional seats until tickets sell out. Please do not share your codes. You may log in more than once with your Priority Code (think of this like a Costco membership card--it let's you in the site), but the Coupon Code expires once it has been used once (similar to how a coupon would work when you hand it to the cashier--you receive the discount, then it can not be used again). The studio and the ticketing company's phone numbers are available on the ticketing site should you have any problems.


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