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Kathryn Buckley


Dance Acro

Gymnastics has always played a major role in Kathryn's life, from elementary school to being a competitive gymnast through middle school to cheerleading through high school. After college, she started CrossFit, where gymnastics is one of the foundational building blocks. Kathryn's passion and love of the sport gave her the push to not only compete, but also become a certified CrossFit coach. Through CrossFit, Kathryn has maintained her tumbling skills, handstands, back tucks, aerials and running tumbling. 


Kathryn previously opened her own gymnastics gym in Holly Springs focused mainly on beginner gymnastics for kids and parkour, before taking a break to focus on youth ministry. She has also taught gymnastics, acrobatics, and tumbling strength classes at dance studios and camps, as well as conducted gymnastics seminars at the CrossFit gym where she works as a weightlifting and group fitness coach for adults and kids. Kathryn's certifications include USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics, Level I & Weightlifting CrossFit Trainer, as well as HEADS UP Concussion training. She is very excited to be onboard with 7 Dance Centre to work with our kids on tumbling and strength! 

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