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Kaitlyn Shellman


Pittsboro Chapel Hill Dance Instructor

Kaitlyn Shellman is a southern California native. She learned to walk in high tops, was raised within the walls of a studio, and has consistently looked up to top choreographers in the industry for swag, style and reasons to grow in her craft. While living in California, she worked with several dance organizations and companies, blessing her with the opportunity to teach and perform up and down the California coast and train under some of the biggest names in the business. Over the course of the last 12 years of being a choreographer, Kaitlyn has taught throughout the country and has had the pleasure of working with top industry choreographers, such as Laura Edwards, Candace Brown, Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Chelsea Traille, Joshua Allen, Kent Boyd, Kerrington Payne, Comfort Fedoke, Bam Martin, Sammy Ramirez, Twitch and many more.


She has a passion for life and dance that God has placed in her heart. Whether it is teaching at big events like conventions, or teaching a small class for kids after school, Kaitlyn always has the same goal in mind: to spread a positive light and influence in the dance industry. She not only wants to teach kids how to move, but to love dance and to let it be a part of who they are. Kaitlyn hopes to continue training, teaching, choreographing and personally improving her craft in order to take it outside of her comfort zone and further share her love and talent with as many people as possible.

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